Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Every year we try to think of a meaningful way for the children at Summers-Knoll to participate in the Earth Day celebration.

This year the children decorated colorful 
re-usable bags with Earth Day images and slogans.  The bags were made to give away to unsuspecting  shoppers.  Kroger's on Maple graciously said we could give bags to people outside their store.  

Today, the children in our class and Renata's buddied up and drove to the store.

Each child gave away 2 bags:  the bag they made and one made by a child in Mrs. Carpenter's class.

It took quite a while to give away all our bags.  Amazing to us not everyone wanted a beautiful, free bag.  But many people received the a bag with excitement and enthusiasm.  One man asked if he could have several bags because he was helping some senior citizens with their shopping and he knew they would really appreciate such lovely bags.  A benefit of it taking an extensive time give away all the bags, is that we got to watch many people proudly carrying their groceries out with in our bags.  
Thank you Kroger's for being a strong supporter of local community projects.

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