Sunday, March 6, 2011

Invention Connection

 The hallway was buzzing with excitement and energy Friday morning as children walked through the door with their Simple Machine Inventions.

By 9:15 the children had their inventions set up and were split up into 4 multi-aged groups.  During the first part of the morning children shared, explained, and answered questions about their inventions from 2 groups of children.  

After a break for snack and some fresh air, the children came in to see the remaining inventions.  This time it was more of a Science Fair format.  Two groups stood by their projects, while the other children walked around the "Fair" looking at the projects.  Then the roles switched and the second 2 groups traveled around watching demonstrations.

It was impressive to see the children respectfully observe each other's projects and give positive comments to the children of all ages.

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