Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Understanding patterns is an important part of understanding mathematics. This morning the children worked with patterning. First, they tried to guess what would come next in patterns I drew on the board. Then they created their own patterns using colorful cubes.

When we were done some of the children used the cubes to see how many cubes long the table was.

At the beginning of music class, Jan had the children follow her around the room to the beat of a song. From now on, each music class will start with another child being the leader in the procession.


Anne said...

Thanks for giving us insight into our kindergartner's school life!
Anne Leo

daddy said...

i like patterning
it is fun


Audubonbon said...

Elaine: thank you for welcoming our children into your world.

Oma said...

Those children are so lucky to be in your class. Thank you for all you are giving them!

Kit's (formerly Zoe's) Opa & Oma