Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Part of todays math lesson was to learn about graphs.

I made a chart with most of the snacks items we have had so far in the school year. Each child had two post-its to put on the chart to indicate their favorite snacks. After all the data was collected we analyzed the results.

It is probably difficult to read from this photo but bananas and raisins were the two top choices. Cucumbers, sweet potato chips, sweet potato fries, and red peppers received zero votes. Even though I thought I had presented the veggies in such an appetizing manner
and the children eat all the cucumbers and sweet potatoes, they just couldn't compare to bananas.

Below is a list of which child will bring snacks in the weeks to come:

September 13-17 Ella Keppo (thanks Ella for the delicious snacks this week)

September 20-24 Gabriel

September 27-October 1 Juna

October 4-8 Ella Kulper

October 11-13 Andrew

October 18-22 Eli

October 25-29 Nilay

November 2-5 Arwyn

November 15-19 Arnav

November 22-23 Varvara

November 29- December 3 Kit

December 6-10 Ella Keppo

December 13-17 Gabriel

If for some reason the date I have assigned your family does not work, please let me know.

(And remember check labels to make sure the snack does not contain peanuts/nuts. We also have two children who are allergic to eggs, so if you bring something that contains eggs, let me know so I can provide them an alternative snack. Thank you)

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