Friday, June 11, 2010

Concluding remarks

The past few weeks, as I was writing assessments and putting together portfolios, I reflected on the year I have spent with your children. It never ceases to amaze me what a journey we have been on together. One of my favorite moments in the year, is watching the children look through their portfolios on the last day. The excitement and enthusiasm they express as photographs trigger memories, is a moment I always treasure.

Over the past few days, your child has brought home a portfolio, idea book, french notebook, and numerous art projects. I hope you enjoy reminiscing with your child over the events captured in the photos and the work they have produced.

While you are reflecting on the growth and development of your child since September, keep in mind that the photos and work samples only tell part of the story. Much of what we do each day is about the process of doing, rather than an end product. The portfolios and assessments are great but they never quite capture the subtle moments for instance: the triumph of going across the zip line for the first time, the thrill of reading a new book, or the sense of accomplishment building a tall building out of blocks. Keep in mind that assessments and portfolios are a great way to have a snap shot of the year but they can only convey a partial picture. They can not capture the friendships the children have made , the conflict resolution skills acquired, and the depth and breadth of knowledge gained throughout the year

I would like to thank all of you parents for your contributions and support this year. Most of all I want to thank you for sharing stories with me about what school experiences carry over to home. It is so helpful as a teacher to hear what experiences extend past the school day and how children integrate the knowledge they have gained into everyday life.

To those of you who will be returning to SK, I look forward to seeing you in September. To those who are moving on, I wish you and your child all the best in journey ahead. To all I wish a fabulous summer.


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