Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly Summary: 9/5-6/9

The Rain Garden is being well tended to during morning recess.  With some of the proceeds from the Seed Sale, watering cans were purchased, so the children can have a watering brigade, from the spigot to the flowers.  The garden will need watering all summer.  A sign up will be coming out soon.  

The children took their notebooks to County Farm Park for writing time on Wednesday.   There was a sea shell search in the sand on the Kindergarten playground.  After collecting all the shells, children spent time identifying and trading their finds. 

Thursday, in math, the children did a survey of the traffic in front of the school.  They used their skills making tally marks to keep track of the trucks, cars, of various makes, vans, and SUVs as they passed. 

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