Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Summary : 4/17-4/21

The children have been busy collecting and planting seeds.  
Planting fermented and dried tomato seeds in pots

 They helped weed the garden along the building.  

Saturday is Earth Day; we discussed why there is an Earth Day and what type of things we can do to help take care of the Earth.  Each child made an Earth Day sign to attach to a Trader Joe's grocery bag. The bags will be distributed to some lucky Trader Joe's customers on Saturday.  

On Wednesday, we took a "writing trip", to the UM Botanical Gardens.  The children were asked to find something in the garden and write a description of it.  Many children found this a challenging assignment but gave it their best effort.

It was great to spend the evening with so many of you at Eudaimonia. Thanks for coming.

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