Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekly Summary: 3/27/17-3/31/17

It was a Happy, Happy, Fun week, and not just because we had the opportunity to dress up on character day, and dress down on pajama day.  The 7th and 8th graders made us interesting food to taste on Culture day.  We also had fun learning more about rain gardens and seeds.  On Wednesday, Catie was back to talk about designing a rain garden. Each child designed a garden with native Michigan plants.  The children used their math skills to figure out the size of the garden, how many plants would be needed to fill the space, and how much the plants would cost at $2 per plant.  

Eric Kampe, of Ann Arbor Seed Company, came on Thursday.  He talked to us and answered questions about being a seed farmer.  The children were amazed to think that plants like lettuce and onions have seeds.  We rarely have the opportunity to see these plants grow to maturity, in order to discover how the seeds develop. You can buy Eric's seeds at various locations, as well as online.  

Thursday, we had a surprise visitor.  Pat came back to spend the morning with us.  She was greeted with big smiles and hugs. We were very excited to spend time with her. 

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy, and enjoyable Spring Break. 

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