Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Summary: 2/27-3/3

Our second round of EBs started on Monday.  Children were busy gathering clues from a crime scene, making puppets and parachutes, and making delicious pasta. 

In math, we are starting to concentrate on multiplication.  During "Science with Shan" the children have been playing games to learn about various habitats around the world and how food chains work.  

Writing time is a highlight in the day for many children in the class.  They are working on writing their own stories.  There are lots of stories about airplanes and explosions.  When our playground was covered with water on Wednesday, we went over to play at County Farm Park.  We saw lots of signs of spring: buds on trees and bushes and many worms crawling across the sidewalks.  By Thursday the puddle already started receding which has left our playground very muddy.  Please, make sure your child brings boots for the outside and shoes for inside everyday; this will help us keep our classroom clean

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