Saturday, March 18, 2017

Creative Toy Makers

Creativity is celebrated and encouraged at Summers Knoll.  It is clear when you walk around the building.  The artwork hanging in the hall are not carbon copies of each others but show the uniqueness of the individuals who made them.  In the music room, children are composing their own music.  During the Toy Makers sessions the children's creativity shone again.  Each session, the children were given a task, such as turning a paper bag or a wooden spoon into a puppet, given materials and off they go.

In another project each child made a "stuffy".  They made paper patterns which they used to cut the material.  After sewing and adding stuffing their project was complete.  It was a major effort.  The pride the children showed in their work was inspiring.

In the last session the task was to build a toy with wheels.  With the story Galimoto by Karen Lynn Williams as inspiration the children set to work.  Many of the children created toys that could actually move, others chose to make a toy without wheels, but everyone was pleased with what they had created.

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