Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekly Summary

Exciting News:
You will now be able to find the weekly summary for our class in the weekly email from Walter as well as on our classroom blogs.  I will also include a few photographs from the week.

Fall fun on the playground=jumping in piles of leaves!

Karl came to our class and read the myth/play. Some of the children are going to perform the myth in the All-School Play: Myths of Everywhere. At story time, I started reading myths to the class. One myth came from the Muskogee people. It was about a grandma spider who stole the sun. In a myth from the Anishinaabe tribe the changes of the seasons and the origin of the Big Dipper were explained. In math, the children used rulers to measure the length of 8 items that were less than 1 foot in length.  They graphed the results on a chart to make it easier to compare the lengths.  The focus during Science time with Shan for the next several weeks will be on animals and their habitats. In homeroom, the children are extending their exploration of water and other liquids.  
Karl's visit

Science Experiment:

What happens when you put a drop
of food coloring it put in

hot and cold water?

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