Saturday, September 10, 2016

The first week in photos

Starting the year:

We are connected as a group as well as being unique individuals. 
To demonstrate this we made a web by having each child tell something that they were good at, or like to do, and then rolling a ball of yarn to another child for their turn. Then we did it again and told about something we would like to learn to do or to do better.
Mandarin with Yunyi
French with Madame.
 (look for future blogs to learn more about what "Activities" time is and why we have it)

Painting at the easel

Working together to build a marble trail

 The Arts:
Art with Mary

Music with Josh

 Ann Arbor Public Library Westgate Branch:

Working on the computer
Exploring the structure

Looking up where to find
a book

Howell Nature Center

Gearing up
Preparing to fly
Zip Away!

Look through the muck

Lake investigation

What did you find?
Tadpoles, crawfish, snails,
dragonfly nymphs

Sticks and yarn
Twist and turn

God's eye

Learning about myths and facts
about wild animals
Assisting Beth and the possum

End of the week:
Morning Meeting with Walter

Science with Shan

Library with Rachel

Our Class!

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