Friday, May 20, 2016

Tribute to Faye Stoner

When I first got a job at Summers Knoll, a friend told me about a Naturalist she knew named Faye Stoner, who worked for Washtenaw County Parks.  My friend thought Faye might be able to take my class on walks in County Farm Park, the park right next to the school.  This contact was one of the best tips I have received in my teaching career. 

For over a decade, Faye took my classes into the park three times of year. She was impressed that SK children would join her no matter what the weather. Together we braved: bitter cold, snow, and rain, as well as many beautiful sunshiny days. She taught us about the flora and fauna in "our backyard". Faye is a wealth of information. There was never a time I went on a walk with Faye that I did not learn something new. 

Faye has just taken a new position with the parks service and will no longer be able to take us on tours of the woods. I wanted to take a moment to thank Faye for enriching so many children's lives, as well as mine. She has inspired so many children at Summers Knoll to use "their nature eyes" to observe and love the natural world.

                                                 Thank you, Faye 

Below are just a few photos of our walks through the years. If you look closely you may recognize some children you know.

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Jill Pritts said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Faye has moved on. I know both Daniel and Maddy have went on many nature hikes with the two of them.

Loved the bee pictures.