Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bread EB

Over the past few weeks, 9 children and I have been exploring the art of making bread, in the Bread, Bread, Bread EB.  We have made yeast breads, and quick breads. We have kneaded, shaped and squished breads. We have experienced the wonderful smells and tastes of breads and read several fiction books that centered around bread. 

On Wednesday, we were fortunate to have a guest baker join us.   Dayna who spends most of her time administrating, came out of her office to teach us about tortillas.

Dayna explained that tortillas are a staple food in many households.  (The children thought it was funny to think of a food a a staple. They joked that if you eat it all the time so it is like stapled to your tongue.)  Dayna told us about when she was a little girl, she would go with her mother every other day to a shop to buy fresh tortillas. She would get to eat one warm, with a little salt, riding home in the back seat. After watching how the tortillas are made in mass at a shop, the children got to try the manual tortilla press.  Dayna cooked them up and we got to try them, "hot with salt",  as well as fried into tortilla chips.

Thank you Dayna for sharing this tradition with us.

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Dayna Muñiz said...

Thank you for having me! It was the highlight of my week.