Friday, December 11, 2015

Guest Readers

In order to be fluent, confident readers, children need to read. They need to read books, fiction and non fiction, instructions to games, recipes, and read aloud in front of a group. 

Reading aloud is practiced each week with our weekly poem. This is voluntary. Children can choose to read it by themselves or lead the group in reading the poem. 

Next week, the class is going to have another "read-aloud" experience that we call, "guest readers". Each child brings a book from home to read to the class. Each day three children will have a turn to be the "guest reader". The rest of the children get to practice being respectful audience members.

In order for your child to be successful reading to the class, I need your assistance.  Please, help your child pick an appropriate book, practice reading it aloud at home, and help them to remember to bring the book on the scheduled day.

Here are some guidelines for helping your child to choose an appropriate book for this occasion: 
-First, the book should be one that your child can read fluently.  

-It should be a book your child enjoys.

-The book should not be too long.

-Humorous, picture books are always well received (For example: the Piggie and Gerald series)

-cartoon type books and graphic novels do not work well, because it is difficult for the audience to know who is talking.

-If your child wants to borrow a book from the classroom, let me know.

Monday:  Andrew

Tueday:    Noelle

Wednesday: Zoey

Thursday: Billy
Thank you in advance for helping your child practice reading and remembering to bring in the book 

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