Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday Meeting

Each Monday morning, between 8:45-9:00, the whole school comes together for a community meeting.  On September 28th, our class is in charge of presenting at Monday's Morning Meeting. 

I made the decision of what we would share with the school, since this will be our first experience presenting.  (For future meetings I intend to let the children determine the subject.)  We will be telling the group about our pillow making project.


We started with a brainstorming session. The children tried to remember all the steps we took in making our pillows. Here is the list:

Get on the bus.
Open the door.
Pick your fabric.
Get fabric, stuffing, needles and thread.
Go to the counter and ask for 1/2 yard of fabric.
Get back on the bus.
Go to school.
Make sure the sewing machine works.
Sew pillows. Leave a 6" opening to stuff in the stuffing.
Put in stuffing.
Get more stuffing.
Sew the last 6 inches so stuffing doesn't fall out.
Use pillows! 

The next day, we evaluated, discussed, and edited the list. After much discussion and debate on the essential elements, a final list was agreed upon.  We decided some steps might not be necessary, for instance, you might not need to buy fabric, if you already had some at home.
The revised list:

How to make a pillow
Get fabric
Get stuffing, needles and thread.
Decide how big you want your pillow.
We used 1/2 yard for our pillows.
Make sure sewing machine works.
Sew pillow. Leave an opening to stuff in the stuffing.
Leave approximately 6 inches not sewn.
Turn pillow right side out.
Put in stuffing.
Sew the last 6 inches or more together so the stuffing doesn't fall out.
Use your pillow!

Then, each child got an line from the list to make a sign for. Ideas were sketches out on paper. 

Next, we went into the atrium. I wrote words in various sizes and using various colors of markers. The children decided which were the easiest, and hardest, to see close up and from across the room. 

Back in the classroom, the children used their sketches to make larger posters. We rehearsed reading them in clear, audible voices. 

Bright and early, Monday morning, we will present to the school: "How To Make A Pillow" to the school. As always, you are welcome to stay for Monday Morning Meeting. if it works into your schedule.

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