Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Greenhouse balloons

Soil, plants, seeds, flowers, gardens, have all been topics of conversation in the past several weeks. Some of the things we have done:
-made newspaper pots to plant seeds in
-transplanted seedlings
-experimented planting maple seeds with and without their outer coating
-watched the success and failure rate of the seeds and seedlings 
-dissected flowers 
-looked for animal decomposers
-learned about the layers of dirt: humus,top soil, subsoil, parental material, bedrock

This week during Science with Shan, the children put soil, water, and radish seeds in a balloon. The balloons were blown up and presto...a balloon greenhouse. Will the radish seeds grow? Only time will tell. 

You can find the balloons hanging up in the science room. They will be sent home next week.

If you haven't been to the science room for awhile you will also find an indoor garden growing and a few new animals.

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