Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wet Lands

We are very lucky to have a wet land as part of our playground. This spring, some mallard ducks decided it is a perfect place to raise a family. Shan took some beautiful photos of "our" ducklings.

During our Library time this week, I read Make Way for Ducklings. From the story, the children learned a little more about mallard ducks. We also talked about the buildings pictured in the illustrations; if you visit Boston you can still see many of these buildings. The children noticed that the story must have taken place in another time period because the cars looked different. We looked at the copy write date and discovered it was written in 1941. 

Another aspect of our wet lands:

When it rains the children have the opportunity to be hydrological engineers. Boots and an extra pair of clothes are often necessary on these days. Make sure your child doesn't miss this opportunity because they don't have appropriate foot gear.

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