Saturday, March 28, 2015

Science: Inertia

During our last 3 science session with Shan, the children have been experimenting with Newton's first law: an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.

The children have been trying to make contraptions that will keep an egg from breaking when it is dropped. 

In the first session, they were given differenst materials for instance cotton balls, or styrofoam, or beans, etc. a plastic zip lock bag, and a hard boiled egg. After placing the items in the bag, the children predicted whether they thought their egg would break when they stood on a stool and dropped the bag. Many of the eggs broke.

In the next session, they were told to create a vessel for the egg using many of the materials they had used in the previous session. This time they were given a raw egg and the vessel was dropped from the height of the climber.

This Monday, after watching a Bill Nye video about Inertia,they worked in partners to try and make another vessel for an egg using 10 craft sticks, 15 plastic straws, and a meter of masking tape. Nothing more, nothing less. 

This was a real challenge and brought a lot of fascinating conversations between the children about what would work and what wouldn't. Next Monday, the inventions will be put to the test. 

How many eggs will survive? 

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