Sunday, March 1, 2015

Music Making EB

Exploring sound and making simple musical instruments was the focus of this EB. 

First, we experimented with making an object (a ruler) vibrate and listening to the sound it made. We discussed how sound is often created when an object vibrates. Over the next sessions, we made a variety of instruments. Each had a different way to make a sound. 

The first instrument was made by simply putting keys on a pipe cleaner ring. 

As they clinked together they made a beautiful ringing sound.

Some of the other instruments we made were:

-Chinese rattle drums

-Paper mâché  maracas 

-Coffee can drums

In addition to making and playing instruments, we also read books about music. Many of the books included music and songs.

Charlie Parker Plays BeBop
Jazz Fly
The Doodle Flute
Lizard's Song

and probably our favorite story/song was:
Mama Don't Allow

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