Monday, February 9, 2015

Math: Flea Market

As you know, in math class we have been practicing recognizing coins and counting change. Part of this unit is a Flea Market. The children get to use their knowledge to buy items and figure out how much change they should get back. 

Before the Sale
The children went through their toys and brought in items they no longer played with. 
The items were classified by price and then price sticker put on (25, 10, 5, or 1 cent). As the adult observing this process, I am always a fascinating and bewildered. What made this one sheet of stickers 25 cents and a stuffed animal only 5 cents? 

At the Flea Market 

Waiting in line
Adding up you purchases
Making sure you got the right change
Happy customer

Thank you to our cashier: Jill, Becky,and Karen
and to our special guest helpers:
Irma and Flo
Flo and Irma

Try this at home:
One activity we have done at school that you might want to try at home is called, 
The Exchange Game.

1 die, 40 pennies, 8 nickels, and 4 dime

Number of Players:
2 or more

Players take turns rolling the die and collecting the number of pennies from the back that matches the number rolled on the die. As players acquire 5 or more pennies, they say "exchange" and turn in their pennies for a nickel. As they acquire two nickels (or 5 pennies and a nickel) they exchange for a dime. The game ends when no more exchanges can be made. (We played it till all the money was gone. You can do it either way.) Each person adds up their change and who ever has the most money, wins the game.

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