Sunday, January 25, 2015

Math and Money

In Math class we have started learning about money. The culmination of this unit will be a Flea Market*, for all the 1st and 2nd graders, on Monday, February 9th. This will give children "real" world practice of their skills.

This unit started with a brief discussion about the history of money. We talked about why we need money and what people did before they had money. We will be learning more about the history of money in the weeks to come.

Over several days, the children learned and reviewed, the names and values of coin money. This knowledge will be essential when playing a money exchange game next week.

Last week, we read a fun book about a pig family who find themselves out of food and money. They search pockets, closets, and drawers, etc. trying to find hidden money. While I read the book, the children kept track of how much money each pig found on a chart. Then we added up the totals to see if the pigs had enough money to by their $7.99 meals. 

*A bit more about the Flea Market:

In order for the Flea Market to be a success we need your help!

Starting Tuesday, please bring in unwanted junk toys. This should include cheesy McDonald toys, little hot wheel cars, plastic jewelry/trinkets - you get the idea. Clean out those toy chests and closets! The more stuff we collect, the more fun the activity is. We will price all items between 1 - 25 cents.

On Monday, February 9, we will have our flea market! Each child should bring in a $1.00 bill and a shopping bag.  

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