Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sewing Pillows

At Summers Knoll, getting outside the walls of the classroom is a crucial aspect to learning. Of course, many projects could be done without adding a trip into the community, but the benefits of the hands on experience in the world is hard to match.

The benefits of this real world experience was apparent on the trip to Joann Fabrics on Friday.  

Decision Making

The children had the opportunity to choose their own fabric from a wall full of fleece fabrics. For some children the choice was immediate while others pondered over which one to choose.

Measuring and Social Ã©tiquette

It was necessary for the children to courteously wait in line, while 2 very patient sales people cut a 1/2 yard of material for 28 children.  All the children were thoughtful and polite.    


The fabric came in handy while waiting outside on a chilly morning.  The fabric became shawls and head gear.

Later in the day, children used the fabric to lay on during Quiet Reading. 

Eventually the fabric will be turned into pillows.  The process from start to finish will probably take a week.

There was time on Friday, for a few children to start the sewing their pillows.  Most of the sewing will be done on a sewing machine.  After the pillows are stuffed the children will finish them with a bit of hand sewing.

The class already practiced using a needle and thread to make beautiful mobiles with plastic straws and beads.  You can see them hanging up in the classroom.

Thank you to Elizabeth, from Karl's class, who helped us with this activity.  Elizabeth will be coming most Thursday afternoons to work with our class.

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