Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

Our Earth Day celebration started yesterday.  

Chris's class of 3rd and 4th graders designed a garden map for the front rain garden and helped the 1st and 2nd graders install native plants in this area.

Our class also made "origami" planting containers out of empty paper towel rolls (recycle/reuse).  In the containers, we planted 2 varieties of sunflower seeds.  In ten days, we should see the seeds sprout.  When the plants are ready, they will be transplanted into a "bird garden" on the strip of garden next to the building.

After all our efforts to beautify the Earth and our school, we were treated to a special snack provided by Whole Foods.

Today, we continued our Earth Day activities, by moving our bodies to Earthdance by Joanne Ryder.  I read, as the children swirled, thundered, twisted, whispered, and rotated around the room.

In the afternoon, we cleaned up the Earth around the school.  Armed with a plastic bag and plastic gloves, the children set out to clean up trash.  We were all astounded by how much trash we found.  
Everyone's bag was full and we had not gotten all the garbage off the school grounds.  

One child pondered, as we placed all the trash in the bin, "This will just go to the landfill, so isn't that bad for the earth?"
The class decided, it was better in the landfill than blowing around where animals might get into it because plastic and styrofoam can make animals sick or kill them.  

It is clear we will have to do this again soon, because of course, everyday should be Earth Day.

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