Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snack list


Children need to be able to refuel throughout the day in order to maintain energy and focus on academics.  That is where snacks come in.  Each day we have a snack in the morning and in the afternoon.  We have parents take turns providing snacks for the children.  The snack should be healthy and nut-free.  As with lunch food, please check labels to make sure nuts are not included in the list of ingredients.   

Fruits and vegetables are a great snack for children, for further ideas for healthy snack, click here.  (Note at this site, they do recommend nuts which are fine for home but not for school.  Also, read carefully if you choose to bring granola bars because many contain nuts.)

If for some reason your family can not provided snacks on your assigned week, please let me know and we will rearrange the schedule.

Sept. 9-13... Lilith
Sept. 16-20... Alex
Sept. 23-27...Iris
Sept. 30-Oct 4...Folu
Oct. 4-10... Maia
Oct. 14-18...Evie
Oct. 22-25...Ava
Oct. 28-Nov. 1...Mason
Nov. 4-8...Benjamin
Nov. 11-15...Clara
Nov. 18-22...Josiah
Nov. 25-26...Elaine
Dec. 2-6...Sana
Dec. 9-12...Wesley
Dec. 16-19...Serena
Jan. 6-10...Lilith

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our class "refueled".

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