Sunday, May 12, 2013

Poetry, Sculpture, and Nature

Summers-Knoll is all about cross-disciplinary learning experiences for children and this week's trip was exactly that.  

Nature, sculpture, and poetry collided at  Oaken Transformations Sculpture & Poetry walk.

Anya Cobler, director and Poet-in-Resident, warmly greeted us and welcomed us to the trail.  She reminded us to take time to stop and listen because we would hear amazing sounds of nature while we walked around.

 We did try but it was hard to stay quiet for long with all the interesting poems to read and sculptures to look at.  

Thank you to Christine Hume for introducing Summers-Knoll to this wonderful treasure, Tracy for the extra time she put in to make this trip possible, Karen Bayoneto for organizing all the details, and Anya Cobler for being our tour guide.

If you are ever in the Brighton area, make sure you stop in for a walk about, you won't be sorry.

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