Monday, May 27, 2013

Egg Cartons

As many of you are aware, all year we have been trying to find ways to reduce the echo in our classroom.  I started the year putting up a painting and quilt, and numerous people have donated rugs for the floor and walls.

The last attempt in sound proofing was done by the children.  The project all started when Robin Hitchins,  mother of 6th grader Trent, came into my room.  We discussed the sound issues and she reminded me how people used to line garages with egg cartons for band practices.  

I sent out the call for egg cartons and got quite few.  Thank you everyone who sent them in and then Robin brought in a "gazillion" large egg cartons fror Weber's restaurant.

The children painted them and I hung them.  It is questionable if it has made any difference but it sure is a beautiful addition to the room.

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