Sunday, December 9, 2012


What is happening in December?  Innovations  
Here is a brief look of some of the things in the works:

Last week, Dr George introduced December's theme by showing the class some of his inventions.  George said that when he has a problem or a quandary, he loves to try and find a solution.  Currently, he is working on a new system to clean his cat's litter box.  The problem, he hates scooping out the litter box.  The solution is trying to invent a sieve litter box that would mean he could just lift the sieve and dump the waste.  George's assignment to the children is to find problems at school and at home that need a new solution.  Together we will try to solve it.

During math class, the children watched The Story of One .  We watched about 10 minutes each day.  In the video the children learned about the many innovators from ancient times that helped develop the number system we use today.  What is really amazing is after all those number discoveries, in modern times our technical advances are based on a 2 number system, binary numbers.  

Last month's theme ( Ancient Civilizations) will extend into December, as we learn how some of the innovations of the Romans, still influence our lives today.  

It will be great to see what innovations the children of Summers-Knoll will come up with.

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