Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ancient Civilizations

We started our study of Ancient Civilization by looking at a map of the world without any country or continent designations.  We discussed how over times the borders and names of countries change.  Then I showed the class another map.  Immediately, some children recognized it as Italy.  We discussed how this area is called Italy now, but at other times, it had different names.  The class was familiar with this map because Imogen talked about Latium in Latin class earlier in the year.

This week I brought many books in from the library about Roman Civilization.  The children have been very interested in perusing the books during quiet reading.  

Next week, we will start learning about Roman society: slaves, plebeians, equestrians, and  patricians.   Learning about the everyday lives of people helps children put history in a context they can understand.  We will also be looking at some of the Roman myths, and at ancient architecture and its influence on building in current times.

Today, in Latin, the children started learning about the volcano near Pompeii.  I will be carrying over this theme in the classroom by reading The Magic Tree House:Ancient Rome and Pompeii.  But first we need to finish our current novel, Fortune's Farm.

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