Sunday, February 5, 2012

Teachers come in all Shapes and Sizes

At Summers-Knoll we strive to move away from the traditional teacher in front of the class.  The children learn by going out into the community, learn from each other,  and learn from people from the  community coming to them.  

The first teachers of the day on Friday were the 5th and 6th graders.  They presented  historical battle maps.  They told us about the battles the maps depicted, as well as the techniques they used to make the maps look ancient. 

In the afternoon, a bird came to Art class to assist in teaching the children.  The bird was accompanied by to people from the Bird Center, an organization that rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned bird.  The children got to learn about birds and had a close up look at a bird.  They did drawings of the visitor.

And what would a day be without learning together with a hands-on project.                                 
After making bread several times with my assistance, today the children were given a recipe and worked in teams to make the bread dough without any assistance from me.  After rising, shaping, rising again, and was time for the best part...tasting!

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