Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Is that a frog in your throat?

Last night my voice started to get scratchy.  This morning, it was almost inaudible.  

How do you teach with a frog in your throat?  
Get the children to assist.  
The children rose to the occasion.  
At morning gathering Gabe read, More Parts.
  There are 3 books in this series by Ted Arnold.  PartsMore Parts, and Even More Parts.  It is about a child who misunderstands language and thinks he is going to lose part of his body.  For instance: when his father asks him to: "give him a hand", the boy thinks his must literally give his hand to his father.  These books have more than 100 body part idioms.  Very humorous.

No problems with quiet reading and writing.  I could go around and whisper to children about their work.

After lunch, it was story time.  Kit and Andrés, each read a few pages of our current chapter book:
Ramona and her Mother by Beverly Cleary.

Thank you to all the children for their cooperation and help in making it a pleasant and productive day.

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