Sunday, December 18, 2011


This fall, the children  started learning the names of the bones in our body with Dr. George.  

This week, they learned some of the reasons we have bones: to hold us up, to help us move, and to make blood.  

The spine is very important because it protects the spinal cord. 
In order to learn more about the spine, we went to visit Dr. Rose at Rose Chiropractic.  Dr. Rose showed us a model of the spine.  We could see how the nerves come from all over the body to the spinal cord.  He told us how  ligaments  hold the bones in place and showed us the cushion between each vertebra called a disc.  Dr. Rose also talked to us about keeping the spine healthy.  It is important to make sure you are not spending a lot of time with your back in the "C" shape.  Many people sit in this shape when they are working at a computer or reading in bed.  As we were leaving Dr. Rose taught us how to walk really straight by pretending we have a string pulling our head up to the ceiling.
The children had excellent manners at the office and told Dr. Rose about all the things they had learned about the body.  He was very impressed.  When we left, he told me, I had a great class, which I could not dispute.

A big thank you to Dr. Rose for letting us come to visit.

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