Saturday, November 12, 2011

Math class

The children decided that they wanted to give a copy of their number book to the library, so this week, we delivered a copy to Malletts Creek Library.  While we were there, each child selected a book about math to bring back to school.   
Finding our books was another math lesson.  We had to find the 500 section in the library.  When we got to the number section, things became a bit confusing.  Finding a 5 was easy but finding the 500's was a bit of a challenge.  When you are used to single digit numbers place value is not an issue.  In the months, to come we will be working more with place value, which should make this task a bit easier in the future.

Later in the week we made counting ropes.  Each child made one to take home.  

We will be making 20 bead counting ropes to assist us as we move into adding and subtracting numbers in the "teens".  For instructions on how to make and use counting ropes, click here.

(Thank you to Ms. Carpenter for sharing this site with us.)

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