Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flea Market

Over the past weeks, in math class, the children have been preparing for the Flea Market.  

First, the children became acquainted with the names and values of coins.  

Then there was the pricing of merchandise.  This part was my personal favorite.  I loved listening to the children discuss the price of objects. 

The children did not take this job lightly.  They looked at the items and discussed if it should go in the 1, 5, 10, or 25 cent pile.
"Do you think this should be a penny?"
"I think this is 25, don't you?"
"Oh yes, that is definitely worth a quarter."

I tried to guess what price would be put on the toys but I could not determine the value.  The children however we almost always in agreement.

Finally it was time for the big event.  The day we had all been waiting for with anticipation. 

 Irma was in charge of the market.  She looked vaguely familiar but she sounded like she might have come from south of Michigan.

Four tables were covered with an amazing array of items.  There were so many choices, it was hard to decide what to buy.  

It was very sweet to hear many children picking out a special toy to give siblings when they got home.

I am sure you were amazed at all the treasures your child was able to buy with just $1.  

We will revisit counting money various times through out the year but it would be great to set up Flea Markets or other types of stores at home.  This is a fun way to work on math skills.

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