Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tree Houses

As part of the "Our Backyard" theme, we have been talking about tree houses.  The children have been drawing plans for tree houses, writing lists of words to describe their houses, and making models of tree houses.  Construction of their models is coming to completion.  The next phase is to go into the woods and find branches to put their houses in.  (Normally, you would find the "tree" first and build the house in it but when you are constructing with glue, the process has to be reversed.)

In order to stabilize the branches I plan to "plant" them in a buckets of sand.  I have several containers at home, but unfortunately not enough for 12 children.  If you have any old buckets (without holes or cracks) empty paint cans, cat litter buckets, or large coffee cans you can donate to the case, they would be greatly appreciated.

Watching the young architects at work was quite a thrill for me.  I had no idea how intent they would be making these models.  Their concentration, tenacity, and problem solving skills were palpable.  

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