Sunday, May 15, 2011


We have started a study of American Prairies.  The children have been getting a historical perspective of prairie life through books such as Elsie's Bird and Prairie School.  They have also learned about modern prairie restoration projects in  Butterfly Count, a fictional account of a young girl's experience helping in a reconstruction project, and in The Prairie Builders, which follows scientist's efforts to rebuild the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.

Friday, we walked through the Botanical Garden trail to the Marilyn Bland Prairie.  At this time of year there were not many signs of life on the prairie.  The fields were filled with stubble from last years grasses and flowers.  Susan's class brought 10 Painted Lady butterflies to release on the prairie. The butterflies hatched from chrysalises earlier this week.  Standing on the hillside we watched as the Painted Ladies joined a few other butterflies who have already returned to the area.  

 After a long hot walk back through the woods we enjoyed sitting under a tree for a quick snack before heading back to school.

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