Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poet Workshop

It was such a treat to have Juna's parents come and visit our classroom.  With them we heard, lived, and created poems. 
Jeff read a poem to us about a horse. After listening to the poem, we turned into horses and galloped around the room.  We returned to our human state to listen to another poem about a tiger.  We were a little bit familiar with William Blake's poem The Tyger, because we read it the other day,  but today we got to be the tiger in the poem.  The room filled with roars and claws as the tigers moved around.
After listening to a couple animal poems by other people, we became the authors.  Each child picked an animal and wrote a poem about the animal.  Christine is an expert at drawing out the poet in everyone.  Jeff is taking all of the poems and turning them into a book for us.  I will let you know when you can read them.

If you want to read some of the other poems we have written, they are hanging on the bulletin board in our room.

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