Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sub Zero

What do you do when there has been sub zero temperatures for a week?
Go to the beach, of course!

When the children came to school on Friday there was a sign on the classroom door that read:
"Under Construction, Do not enter".

After the school's morning meeting, the children were all wondering where we were going to have class since we couldn't enter the room.  I explained the room had changed and was no longer a classroom.  After showing them several clues, the class guessed that the room had turned into a beach.  Each child got a postcard with pictures and names of shells.  I told them were going to collect shells and see how many different kinds they could find.  I also mentioned that when my friend and I go shelling, if one of us finds several of one kind and the other person doesn't find any, we share.  

Off went the shoes, and the hunt began. Everyone collected a bag full of shells.  There were many questions about what each shell was called.  Then each child sat on "the beach" and sorted and categorized their shells.  They were every good about sharing with each other.  

Juna came Iate to school because of a dentist appointment.  By the time she arrived, all the shells were collected.  I was so impressed that all the children were willing to share some of their shells with Juna and make sure she had gotten all the varieties.

After collecting some children wrote about the experience, while others drew in the "sand".  Instead of sticks or fingers, markers were used.  The room was vibrant all morning.

Thank you to my friend Nancy for helping me collect all the shells for this activity and driving them back to Michigan so I didn't have to take them on the plane.

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