Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome Back

Happy New Year
I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing break.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and looking towards a fabulous 2011.

We are coming back to a new month, new year, and of course a new theme.  This month the school is focusing on Theater and Puppetry.  This unit will expand on ideas presented during  last months Author Study.  While creating and using puppets the children's understanding of character and plot development, as well as story telling, will inevitably broaden.  

At one of our morning meetings, before the December break, a child mentioned making puppets.  Other children chimed in with their ideas and experiences making puppets.  I told them to hold those thoughts because when we came back from vacation we were going to spend the month talking and learning about puppets.  

Puppet making goes hand and hand (no pun intended) with another one of Summers-Knoll's favorite themes: Recycling and Reusing.  Don't throw anything away, we might be asking for some of your old socks, yarn, buttons, and toilet rolls, soon. 

(The January calendar is coming soon along with a new snack schedule.)

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