Sunday, January 30, 2011

Next book

Next week we will begin to read The Magician's Boy  by Susan Cooper.  

In this novel, a young boy, who works for a Magician, goes on a search for a missing puppet. The missing puppet is Saint George.  On the search for the puppet the Boy ends up in the Land of Stories, and meets many characters the children are probably already familiar with, for example a little girl in a red cloak.  

To understand Susan Cooper's story better, we will first  read Saint George and the Dragon, as retold by Margaret Hodges.  

The children will already be familiar with many of the stories and rhymes referenced in the novel, but there may be some they are not familiar with.  To make sure that these connections are not missed,  I will read the corresponding referenced stories, as the Boy meets the various characters from the classic rhymes and stories.

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