Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trip to the store

Today we had an excursion to Jo-Ann Fabric's to buy fabric. This was the first step in a pillow making project that will continue over the next week.

As with all expeditions into the community, the trip was a filled with learning experiences. Before we left we talked about proper store etiquette. The children said we shouldn't shout, I pointed out walking inside was important, too, and we should be polite like saying, "Can you help me, please?" and "Excuse me" and "thank you". Obviously, they were well schooled at home.
Before we went into the store, I asked the children to look for things that had to
do with math while we were shopping. They did an excellent job with this assignment; when we left they recalled there were numbers on signs, people measuring the fabric, and we had to pay for the items.

Another thing I think is important for any trip is that the children have a positive experience. In this respect the trip was a success. I wish the photos could accurately display the joy on the children's faces as they picked the fabric they wanted. The confidence they showed as they asked the clerk for 1/2 a yard of the material, and the enthusiasm that they had as they carried their purchase out of the store.

I hope the rest of the project will be as successful as the purchasing of the fabric.

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Fran Loosen said...

I remember this so well from when David was in K. He still has his pillow and is still proud that he could sew things on his own.