Friday, October 22, 2010

Experimenting with the principles of flight

Summers-Knoll is a Green School. We encourage recycling and re-using materials. I am constantly trying to find materials we can reuse for a project. When I was at the Scrap Box recently looking for material to use during the "Flight" unit, I was thrilled to find a pile of old lids. The lids would make great frisbees.

The children decorated the lids on Thursday, and Friday we took them to the park to see if we could make them fly.

First, we talked about gravity.
Will it fly if we just hold it and drop it?
No,it will just fall.

Then we discussed what to do to make them fly.
The children knew the lids needed to be thrown (or thrust) to make it glide. Next, frisbees filled the air. The children experimented with various ways to throw the frisbees and locations to throw them from.

Here is a very short video of the event.

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