Sunday, April 11, 2010


You may have heard the interview this morning on NPR, with neuroscientist Adele Diamond, on the development of the brain. One thing she discussed is how there is a strong link between the social and cognitive development of the brain. Children who have learning and playing experiences with other children as part of their education, have better "executive functions" such as focus on a task and problem solving.

Summers-Knoll's curriculum has always stressed children learning, working, and playing together. Along with the interactive activities in individual classrooms, we also have learning and playing experiences with children from other classes. This helps build the sense of community, as well enhances the cognitive development of the children.

Friday, was a day of community building. We spent the day learning, cooperating, and discovering together.

In the morning, our class gave short reports about "our favorite" owl, Molly, to Renata's class. Then we got in small groups to dissect owl pellets.

After lunch we got together with Susan's class and read together.

Everyone joined together ending the day at the County Farm park building, constructing, and playing together

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Susan said...

I love this blog post! And it is great to have "experts" confirm what our hearts already know to be true.