Sunday, March 28, 2010

Plant Science

In January, I brought tulips in to brighten up the room. While they were blooming, the class took some of the flowers apart to discover the parts of a flower. We found the petals, stigma, style, anther, and pollen. As the days went on we saw the ovary fatten and dissected a couple to find the seeds forming inside. After the flowers and leaves dried completely, we emptied the flower pots and found the roots and bulbs.

Then we set up experiments. The children brainstormed a variety things to do with the bulb to see what type of materials the bulbs would grow in.
Here is what they came up with:
Put one in water
Put one in a pot with soil
Put one in ice in the freezer
Plant one outside in dirt
Plant one outside in mud
Put one in a cup of paint
Plant one in a pot with dirt and water
Put one in a cup of sand

The children check the experiment everyday to observe any changes.

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