Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here are a few highlights of the Architecture Unit:

-An architectural tour of the old and new wings of the U-M Art Museum led by Imogen.

-A trip to the U-M School of Architecture to see first hand what an architect does.

-Reading books about architecture, including the book "Lost Ann Arbor", that showed a photo of an Octagon House that was torn down to build Hill Auditorium.

-Watching "Bill Nye the Science Guy:Architecture" video and a video that showed how an addition is put on a house, from the architectural drawings to putting new sod in the front lawn after the addition was complete..

But, by far my favorite activity, was creating our own architectural master piece. We recycled our in-room " cave" into a majestic domed roof edifice, supported by columns.

Next month, we will be doing a author study. I have chosen the author Daniel Pinkwater to study. In choosing an author for study I try to find one that has written both picture and chapter books. Mr. Pinkwater has written a plethora of both types of books. I am sure the children will have numerous favorite Daniel Pinkwater books by the end of the month.

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Very cute children busy in their work.

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