Sunday, January 10, 2010


The first day of our cave unit the children brainstormed things they already knew about cave:
-bears live in caves
-lots of animals live in caves
-cavemen lived in caves
-caves are 'sombre, tres sombre' ( French for 'dark very dark')
Don't you love that the children are integrating french into everyday conversation.
-bugs crawl in caves, so do spiders and bats
-sometimes caves are long, sometimes short
-maybe plants live in caves

As the unit continues, their knowledge of caves is expanding along with their vocabulary.
Children love long complicated words and our cave unit is full of them.
Did your child remember that speleology was the study of cave?
Vocabulary from last week: stalactites and stalagmites.
This week we are going to talk about cave animals:
trogloxenes, troglophiles, and troglobytes
Each child will be assigned an animal to do research about at home and then presenting the information to the class. More information about this project will be coming soon.

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