Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Busy Friday

We started the day, exploring and practicing math concepts. At one table there was a tesselation puzzle, at another table there were scales to compare the weights of plastic bears and at the third table there were dominoes, as visual aides, to help the children write addition equations.
Next we bundled up and headed to the woods with Faye, our naturalist. We discussed how various animals adapt to their environment. Here the children are looking at deer pelts. Did you know that in the winter a deer grows fur that has a little air chamber in it to help the deer stay warmer?

Since we don't have this special adaptation we returned to school for a hot cup of cocoa after our walk.

In the afternoon, the bats came to our school. We saw 5 types of bats from around the world and learned how bats help us by keeping down the insect populations. The "bat man", Dale, also told us ways bats have adapted to their environment. For instance, there is a type of bat that sleep in trees. While it is
sleeping, it looks like a pine cone, so that hawks and other predatory birds won't find them. Another interesting fact is that usually bats hang upside down except when they go to the bathroom. Why, you may wonder? Ask your child; I bet they will remember the reason.

At the end of the day, A'esha was the guest teacher. She taught us
how to finger knit. It was quite tricky so I think we will all need a bit more practice before we get to be an expert like A'esha.

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