Monday, December 28, 2009

End of December

The last week of December, was a time to come together as a school community. Our class got together with the children of the other classes to share time, experiences, and friendship.

One event was brought to us by Arvid's family:
In Sweden, on the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, people celebrate St. Lucia's day with candle light and song. Johanna, Arvid and Freya, shared this Swedish tradition with everyone at Summers-Knoll.

After sampling some delicious Swedish cookies, Johanna showed Mrs.
Adhikary's and our class how to make christmas "cracker" decorations. It was challenging to fold the tissue paper but everyone worked hard and
helped each other to complete the project.

During the week, we watched a movie with Mrs. Carpenter's class.

Friday, we started the morning reading books with Renata's class.

The children got together in small cozy groups and listened to stories.

There were also good times spent with just our class. On Thursday we finished reading Ben and Me and Friday we watched a video rendition of the novel.

Thus concluded our study of Ben Franklin and ended 2009 at school.

I hope everyone is enjoying vacation. Have a happy New Year.

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