Monday, November 23, 2009

Ian came to teach our math class how to play a math game is called Salute! It is a great game to play to practice adding and subtracting. We got in groups of 3. Each person had number cards from 0 to 9. We rotated who was "in charge". The person in charge counts, "1,2,3, Salute!" The other players, "Salute!" by bring the first card in their piles to their foreheads, without looking at it, in a kind of salute. Then, the two players look at one another's foreheads as the "in charge" player adds numbers and tell the sum of the two card. Next knowing the sum and the number on the other players card, each player tries to figure out their own number. The children had a blast. Have your child teach you the game at home. (After vacation we might have a chance to teach Ms Adhikari's math class the game.)


Fran Loosen said...

This sounds like such a fun game! I'm in!

Susan said...

It is one of my favorites! Also great for practicing multiplication and division. Great job, Ian! I am proud of you!