Sunday, November 1, 2009


Picture of Electric Lightning November will be an electrifying month, full of static and magnetism.
Through a historical journey starting in ancient greece and continuing to the present day, we will learn about scientists and inventors who worked with electricity. Along the way we will be conducting experiments to see " first hand" how they made their discoveries.
Go to full-size imageOne of the books we will be using is Flick a Switch by Barbara Seuling. It will start our journey with an introduction to Thales, an ancient Greek mathematician, who discovered static electricity. We will learn how Ben Franklin proved lightening was a form of electricity (we won't risk our lives by replicating his key and kite experiment) and Michael Faraday made the first generator. That Alessandro Volta invented electric cells and Thomas Edison lit the first electric street lamp. Finally, we will look at a variety of ways electricity can be generated including wind, water, nuclear, and solar.

With luck we will have time for all the things I want to introduce.

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